Lullabye Iowa's Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams is a grant program to level the playing field for a child in the Atlantic School District. All dollars go directly to children’s needs, which are determined by mentors: teachers, coaches, administrators, counselors, or community members. No dollars go to parents, guardians, mentors, or administrators for expenses that might be incurred in the granting of a Sweet Dream.

The maximum amount of dollars given to any one child per year is $200. For example, the Lullabye Foundation has funded requests for personal hygiene items, students to attend music camp, a cheerleading uniform, books, attend a national student convention, and camps for special needs kids, just to name a few. Lullabye’s goal is to level the playing field so children feel they fit in.

The procedure for a Sweet Dreams gift is as follows – look below to access the online grant request form:  

  • A mentor sees a need for a child that cannot be filled by any other organization.
  • The mentor completes and submits the Sweet Dreams request form for funds to cover all or part of the need for the child. The child’s name will be kept confidential, but a brief description should be used to look for any duplication, e.g. child’s initials and age or grade, to be used only by the mentor/s and administrators.
  • The mentor asks the intended recipient to answer and include the response: How will this gift help me to be a
    better person?             
  • Subject to approval, a check is made out to the mentor or to the business/club/etc. that will fulfill this child’s need. 
  • The mentor will cash the check, use it for the need of this child, as requested, and return receipts to The
    Lullabye Foundation.                                                                                                                         
  • The child receiving the gift sends a nameless thank you note and/or a self-drawn picture of himself/herself to The Lullabye Foundation.

A 501(c)(3), Lullabye is a tax-deductible, non-profit organization that has gifted more than $80,000 since its 2006 inception. If you would like to support our work, we thank you very much for considering gifts to support children.

Sweet Dreams Grant Form

I will also strongly encourage each recipient to send an anonymous thank you note, through the participating
mentor, to the local Sweet Dreams program for their records. Requests may be sent to board member Kimberlee Spillers by these methods:

  1. The provided form below
  2. Personal delivery or regular mail via this form: 1413 Chestnut Street, Atlantic, Iowa 50022
  3. Email (online form will also be emailed to this address)

Requests may also be sent through any Lullabye Iowa Liaison/Project Manager:
Clint or Angie Weppler, Frank or Kim Spillers

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