Lullabye in Illinois Schools

We are set to begin a new chapter in the life of Lullabye for the 2017-2018 school year in the Gavin 37 School District, Lake County, Illinois. The Gavin 37 School District consists of two schools, and serves children pre-K through 8th grade. We are presently also nurturing relationships with Big Hollow District 38, also in Lake County (Ingleside, IL.), Stanton School in Fox Lake, IL, the Round Lake Area Schools in the Round Lake Communities in Lake County, IL. and the local High School, Grant Community High School in Fox Lake, IL.  We are also looking to begin a relationship with the Antioch Schools.

We were able to serve a significant number of students in the Gavin, Big Hollow, and Grant Community HighSchool District during the 2016-2017 school years - early on with support from Lullabye in Atlantic, Iowa. Thanks, Lullabye Iowa!  We are continuing our efforts with these School Districts in 2017-2018 and beyond!

Lullabye Illinois grants each partner school a sum of money at the beginning of each semester, and School Staff manage the funds and make decisions regarding providing assistance to meet students’ needs. Any Staff Member at any of our partner schools may request funds for students in their scope of influence by simply contacting one of several designated liaisons at each school.  The bottom line is that Lullabye strives to make it possible for children who need a boost, to get that boost!

Some examples of what Lullabye Foundation has accomplished over the past years working with Illinois Schools:

  • We have provided significant support for field trips and team-building events for "Hears To You", the Lake County Hearing Impaired Students' Program.
  • We have provided athletic shoes and partial registration fees for children who would otherwise not be able to participate in various activities such as sports teams, sports camps and other school clubs.
  • We have provided Yearbooks to kids who otherwise could not afford them.
  • We have provided support toward the cost of a much needed summer camp for a special needs children.
  • We have provided partial scholarships for field trips, class trips, class picnics, etc. for numerous Gavin kids.
  • We have provided beds and bedding to students who would otherwise be sleeping on floors.
  • We have donated and continue to donate funds to enhance the Fine Arts Programs in several of the school districts with which we have relationships.
  • We helped with a project at Gavin South which was dedicated to making available to students "tablets", to acquaint them with and prepare them for how instruction is done at Grant High School, where they will continue their education after completing their time in Junior High.
  • We have provided personal hygeine items and other personal needs for Special Ed/"Life Skills" classes at Gavin37.
  • We will be assisting those "Life Skills" classes with supplemental curriculum and support for "mobility field trips".
  • We helped establish small, neighborhood libraries across the Gavin 37 District, organized, implemented and kept up by Life Skills classes and staff.     

Questions?  You may talk to your School Superintendent or your School Principals at Gavin 37. You may inquire about assistance at Big Hollow38 through the Fine Arts Boosters in that District.  You may speak directly to Principal Jeff Sefcik at Stanton School. Or you may seek assistance through Fine Arts Staff at Grant High School.  You may also contact Lullabye directly if you wish or