Sally M. Meyer

Grew up in Urbana, IL. Her father a Professor at the University of Illinois, Sally received both an BS in Sociology and a MA in Education from that institution. She taught elementary-aged children for a number of years in the Rantoul, IL. City Schools.  Marriage took her to Chicago, where she taught at Prince of Peace Lutheran School on the near northwest side of the city, and then to Flanagan, IL. Finding next to no job opportunities in the field of Education there, she entered the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago, receiving her M.Div. in Pastoral Ministry in 1994, serving churches in St. Joseph, IL. and Atlantic, IA. with her husband and a number of churches in Illinois and Iowa as supply and/or "interim Pastor".

In 2007, she gathered a number of gifted and compassionate members of the Atlantic, IA. community around her and launched the Lullabye Foundation. As Founder and Director of Lullabye, which has helped countless children “lost in the shadows of their own communities” to be able to participate in events and activities that would otherwise have been only a dream to them, she has found her passion. Always committed to the well-being of children, she lives to make life at least a bit better than it would be without a hands-up from an organization like Lullabye. A published writer of articles and Sunday School curriculum, she has also written a book about her experience with a daughter who, 19+ years ago, phoned her one morning to say “she couldn’t see her any more”.  Her book was published in the Fall of 2016.

Dennis A. Meyer

The only child of “older parents”, raised in their home-town in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, Dennis headed west to Stanford University in Stanford, CA., receiving his AB in History in 1971. He then switched coasts to attend Yale University Divinity School in New Haven, CT., where he received his M.Div. in Pastoral Ministry in 1975. After 3 months as a chaplain in Clinical Pastoral Education at the Univ. of Chicago Hospitals and Clinics, he began a ministry that covered 40+ years in Rantoul, IL, Chicago, IL., Flanagan, IL., St. Joseph, IL.,  & Atlantic, IA,. He also served in Danforth, IL. as "Interim Pastor". 

He is currently a very active retiree living in Grayslake, IL., heavily involved in the congregation he has joined there and open to help other churches as needed. Very active in each of the communities in which he served during his ministry, he has been involved in service organizations, community betterment groups, ministerial associations, and other groups committed to helping those in need. While in Chicago, he was a huge supporter and Board Member at Prince of Peace Lutheran School, an outreach to a changing community. Since 2007, he has been very, very active in the work of the Lullabye Foundation. And since last Fall, he is helping Sally promote her book as they travel and make presentations on "Confronting Evil in the 21st Century" wherever invitation take them:  Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska and who knows where else!


Lullabye Board of Directors, 2017-2019

Sally Meyer, President

Dennis Meyer, CFO / Treasurer

Dr. Julie Brua, Gavin37 School District Sup't., Ingleside, IL.

Stephanie Kaye, Jr. High Teacher, Gavin37 Schools, Lake County Liaisons

Emma Macniak, LIfe Skills Program Assistant, Owner of Midwest Bodyworks LLC., To provide Healthy Alternatives to a quality life in the community.

Jane Gemein, Grant Writer

Bill Raynor, Community Outreach


Lullabye Iowa Liaisons/Managers

Clint Weppler, Enrichment Specialist at a non-profit that benefits the intellectually impaired and mentally ill in Atlantic, IA. 

Angie Weppler, Family Practice Doctor in Atlantic, IA.

Frank Spillers, Co-owner of Global Horizons, LLC., whose mission it is to build civility around the world, working with youth, adults, organizations, schools, and communities.

Kimberlee Spillers, Co-owner (with Frank) of Global Horizons, LLC.


Happy Retirement to Michael and Pam Amstein, who completed their tenure with the Atlantic Community Schools this Spring and will be returning "home" to Tennessee.  Mike and Pam have served as Lullabye Iowa Liaisons/Managers these past years!!!